Media supply for dosing technology

A dosing system can only be as good as its media supply. At marco, it is one of the strongest links in the production chain. We are constantly developing new, innovative solutions for the delivery of all types of media. It does not matter whether the medium is provided in high or low viscosity. No matter whether large quantities or material from cartridges are available. The containers can be changed without interrupting the production processes. The media supply systems from marco are designed to always provide consistent conditions for the metering tools. Of course, they are also fully compatible with machines from other manufacturers.

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Dosing technology for marco dispensing: Media supply follower plate


The PushMembrane from marco creates constant pressure conditions in the media supply. It is often problematic to set the pressure of the media pump exactly and to keep it constant during production. The PushMembrane ensures that the same pressure is always applied to the valve or dosing head. In this way, marco keeps the dosing results extremely precise and stable.
The pressure of the PushMembrane is generated via a separate oil/compressed air reservoir. The material flow is interrupted by a valve for this purpose. Pressure is built up in a controlled manner on the medium in the system via a plastic diaphragm. When the material runs out, the inlet valve is opened again and the PushMembrane is refilled. This keeps the pressure at the valve constant - without interruption.



marco has two different tank designs in its range: 3 litres or 25 litres. Both tanks are modular and therefore easy to clean. The connected pump is a marco in-house development and has a 3x pressure booster. marco has designed the tanks as storage and supply units for low-viscosity media.
The 3-litre tank consists of a milled steel block. The built-in Venturi nozzle generates a vacuum of up to 300 millibar. This can be further increased by connecting an external vacuum pump to the lid. The one-piece construction facilitates cleaning of the basic body. The 25-litre tank consists of a steel tube welded to the base body. In addition, the medium can be moved with a propeller. This extends the processing time. The integrated heating element ensures the correct processing temperature. The existing Venturi nozzle is required for the 25-litre tank to provide the necessary vacuum at the suction lance. This allows the tank to be filled without opening the lid or stopping the degassing process. A vacuum pump is installed for degassing, which sets the medium to up to 50 millibars.

Universal 5-liter tank

The stainless steel tank is designed to hold containers with a capacity of up to 5 liters. Containers or cartridges can be inserted directly into the tank. The liquid is conveyed to the side outlet at a controlled and constant pressure.

The containers are easily replaceable and help prevent contamination inside the tank. The tank maintains a constant fluid pressure for most dispensing applications and provides excellent chemical resistance and protection against contamination and evaporation. This ensures efficient dispensing of many common media to a variety of dispensing valves.

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Dosing systems are highly complex and can bring enormous productive progress

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