Valves for dosing technology

The hearts of marco dosing systems beat fast, precisely and persistently. The modular marco valves or the drive of the marco SuperiorJet dosing valves, for example, enable you to dose diverse media with high precision and speed with a tolerance of less than one percent of the dispensed volume. We have developed the so-called TorqueBlock drive for this purpose: Through the worldwide unique connection of two piezo-active zones that can be controlled in opposite directions, an active swivel joint is created - without any return spring at all. The torque is translated into a large working stroke by means of a clamped lever. Together with the marco SuperiorJet control and precision nozzles, this results in high-performance metering valves with maximum efficiency and unique dynamics. These marco valves are available for all kinds of requirements and tasks.The type of medium - whether liquid or pasty - is irrelevant.

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Dosing technology for marco dispensing: Modular valves
Dosing technology for marco dispensing: compact valves

Compact valves

The continuous runners from marco. In contrast to the modular valves, their drive is also the dosing needle. This reduction to the essential function leaves no room for wear or failure. The sealing seat is firmly screwed to the valve body. The low number of moving parts ensures a long service life. In combination with the low-wear piezo drive and SuperiorJet technology from marco, the focus of compact valves is on durability and consistency. Statistically, one billion opening cycles are achieved; in practice, ten times this number has been exceeded. With frequencies of up to 1,000 hertz, dots and lines between 50 and 3,000 microns can be generated. Heat-conducting plates ensure the correct temperature of temperature-dependent media. The compact valve is the right choice for constant, long-term applications. Low-viscosity or high-viscosity media, filled or not, are no problem.

Advantage: long durability

Dosing technology for marco dispensing: High-viscosity valves

High viscosity valves

The product range for maximum power. High viscosity valves from marco are among the strongest metering valves in the world. They draw their power from particularly wide piezo elements. With over 50 percent more piezo volume than other marco valves, they can process at the limits of metering capability. Equipped with special, exchangeable metering needles made of hard metal, they are also quick to clean and extremely durable. The built-in marco SuperiorJet technology guarantees constant dosing results and maximum dosing pressure. At frequencies of up to 300 Hertz, one billion closing cycles can be run. The specially hardened needle seats enable dot or line metering between 50 and 3,000 micrometres. Heat-conducting plates can be retrofitted for temperature-dependent media. High-viscosity power packs from marco dispense media with viscosities far above what was previously possible. "High-viscosity dosing" thus takes on a new dimension - if there ever was one before. Now it is here.

Advantages: high force, high viscosity dosage

Dosing technology for marco dispensing: Tower valves

Tower valves

The design to save space. Tower valves from marco are an answer to spatial bottlenecks on the level. Equipped with all the technical refinements of the modular valves, the design of the tower valves is geared to the smallest possible footprint. The piezo element and control unit grow into the height, the actuator has no media contact, and the closing mechanism is managed by a ring spring. The metering unit can be replaced without delaying the production process. This makes tower valves suitable for media with short processing times and a lot of cleaning. The specially arranged piezo ceramics in combination with the marco SuperiorJet technology turn tower valves into high-tech tools. One million dispensing cycles with a frequency of 1,000 Hertz in dot or line form between 50 and 3,000 micrometres can be easily achieved. In addition, temperature control of the medium is possible by means of heat-conducting plates.
Tower valves enable high-end dosing technology in areas that are difficult to access. Independent of the medium - low viscosity, high viscosity or filled - they produce precise dosing results.

Advantages: Design, space saving

Basic Valves

The Basic Valve-Line offers standard precision valves that are suitable for many common applications where simple and durable devices are required. marco’s Basic Valve-Line is the perfect match for a wide range of applications. It combines a slender, robust design and attractive pricing with many known advantages of the marco dispensing equipment, such as modularity and longevity.

All Basic Valves share many of the benefits of more sophisticated marco valves. They are based on our unique piezo technology, made in Germany.

Basic Valves allow for a very good reproducibility of the dispensing results as well as high dispensing frequencies, in this case up to 500 Hz. They are easy to handle and to clean and require no cooling due to our temperature-compensated drive. Basic Valves are fully modular and can thus be equipped with different valve seats and nozzles. They are combinable with all common fluid connections: Luer-Lock, variable hose diameters, etc

Advantages: compact design, attractive pricing

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