From Piezo to TorqueBlock: marco sets technology standards

How does microdispensing actually work? First of all: it's not witchcraft, but the result of years of research and development work and a lot of experience. marco was and remains significantly involved in the idea and will constantly develop the technologies further. You can find out how and why here, written understandably without confusing technical jargon.

marco makes microdispensing of a very wide range of low and high viscosity media possible. This allows you to apply small amounts of liquid even on difficult-to-access and uneven substrates. Of course, we take existing systems and production environments into account, and we adapt dispensing properties for different media. Dispensing accessories including specially manufactured custom tools are part of our offer. There are many reasons why marco solutions can be found in a wide variety of industries - whether smartphone manufacturing or medical technology, precision mechanics or LED production, electronics or semiconductor technology.

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