We dispense microdroplets - WITH AND WITHOUT CONTACT

Customised microdispensing

... based on our proprietary piezoceramic basic technology. Automated. For peak values in the dispensing of low to high viscosity media. Individual machine and system engineering of tomorrow. Developed by professionals with an eye for what is required in each individual application.

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Valve technology for contactless dosing (jetting)

Dispensing ideas from marco for industry 4.0

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    • Microdispensing in all forms for all requirements
    • Innovative high-performance products based on marco piezo technology
    • For industries such as microelectronics, semiconductors, consumer electronics, LED/LCD, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, automotive

    • Contactless dispensing in the micro- and nanolitre range
    • Highest frequency performance with minimum dispensing quantity - repeatably and reliably
    • Sophisticated nozzle geometries and precise control for smallest droplets

    • Dispensing of UV and hot-melt adhesives
    • Underfill
    • Dispensing of phosphorescent fillers in silicones
    • Dispensing of solder paste
    • Dispensing of two-component media
    • Dispensing of lubricants