marco sees dispensing technology as a complete system

For marco, dispensing technology for precision dosing basically means thinking in terms of an overall dispensing system. The individual components can be very different depending on the requirements and local conditions. Dispensing technology from marco sets standards because it is based on technological milestones enabled by constant new experiences in 40 years of company history. With our dispensing technology, we can map the complete production chain from storage to application to the substrate - whether a solder dot for a microchip, an adhesive strand for a mobile phone display or even a precise tiny amount of an active ingredient for a pharmaceutical manufacturer needs to be applied. You decide how deep the integration of components goes in your business solution.

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marco dispensing technology

Dispensing system components

marco valves form the basis of all dispensing tasks. TorqueBlock technology enables the processing of all meterable media - from highly viscous or pasty to low viscosity. We refer to our robot heads as dispensing tools. Equipped with features such as dynamic mixers and hybrid robot head drives, they are unique in their field. Media supply is the key point for efficient media processing. Our modules combine high-precision volume dispensing with easy cleaning and intuitive operation. Our peripheral components enable a dispensing system to realise its full potential, ensuring dispensing accuracy, height measurement and material quality. marco integrates existing systems and production environments, adapting dispensing properties for different media. Dispensing accessories, including specially manufactured custom tools, are also part of our range.


We work in a modular yet integrative way

marco is the number one address when it comes to high dispensing accuracy for smallest dispensing quantities at high throughput. When considering a task, we think in terms of a complete dispensing system, but work in a modular way. With this approach, we are always able to develop individual solutions together with our partners. That is what drives us, gives us space for innovation and in turn enables us to set new milestones in microdispensing technology. Worldwide, for the most diverse industries and companies.