marco GantrySystems

Our marc0 and marc1 gantry systems combine state-of-the-art robot technology with sophisticated dispensing control. With the Dispensing Control Unit, dispensing and movement are precisely synchronized. This is exceptional in the industry. The lightweight yet solid design of the robots offers always the right solution for your needs and application. Receive an individual complete solution for different applications - everything from a single source from marco.

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marc0 GantrySystem

The marc0 GantrySystem is a high-precision tabletop system. The machine can be used in a benchtop, stand-alone or conveyor configuration for inline or batch proessing. The system uses linear encoders for closed-loop position control and the dispensing tool position is monitored at all times.

The Dispensing Control Unit (DCU) controls both the robot movement as well as the dispensing process simultaneously. This is unique in the industry.

The base is a box  of the system is a welded steel housing construction. All materials have the same coefficient of thermal expansion, so the positioning accuracy of the metering valve remains constant even at different temperatures.

The marc0 gantry system carries tools with weights up to one kilogram. The accelerations in all axes is up to 2g.

Download PDF of marc0 hereDownload PDF of marc0 in English here

marc1 GantrySystem

The innovative marc1 GantrySystem is a dispensing robot that follows precise path curves along all axes. It dispenses smallest dots of media such as solder paste, silver epoxy or under filler. The marc1 GantrySystem combines state-of-the-art robot technology with a sophisticated dispensing control by simultaneously controlling dispensing and motion through the same unit – the Dispensing Control Unit (DCU). This is unique in the dispensing industry.

With the marc1 GantrySystem, marco offers individual complete solutions for different applications from a single source. The gantry combines a large work surface with a very compact footprint. A large swivelling HMI touch display together with the foldable keyboard facilitates operation.

The solid yet lightweight design has a high tool load capacity of up to 7 kg, while enabling precise high-speed dispensing with accelerations up to 3g with consistent repeatability.

Download PDF of marc1 hereDownload PDF of marc1 in English hereDownload PDF of marc1 in Chinese here

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With our GantrySystems marc0 and marc1 we offer you a one-stop solution - everything from one source from marco!

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