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Our marc0, marc1 and marc2 gantry systems combine state-of-the-art robot technology with sophisticated dispensing control. Dispensing and movement are precisely synchronized with the Dispensing Control Unit. This is unique in the dispensing industry. The lightweight yet robust design of the inline robots always offers the right solution for your needs and location. You receive an individual complete solution for different applications - all from a single source from marco.

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marc0 GantrySystem

High-precision tabletop system
The marc0 GantrySystem is a versatile, high-precision tabletop system, ideal for various production configurations.

Flexible application options
It can be used as a table-top, stand-alone or conveyor belt system for inline or series production.

Precise position control
The system uses linear encoders for closed-loop control, which continuously monitors the position of the dispensing tool.

Unique control unit
The integrated Dispensing Control Unit (DCU) simultaneously controls the movements of the robot and the dispensing process - a unique solution in the industry.

Robust construction
The base consists of a stable, welded steel construction made of materials with the same coefficient of thermal expansion to ensure constant positioning accuracy even with temperature fluctuations.

Powerful and precise
The marc0 gantry system can carry tools weighing up to one kilogram and achieves accelerations of up to 2 g on all axes.

Constant accuracy
Thanks to the thermally stable design, the positioning accuracy of the dosing valve remains constant even at different temperatures.

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marc1 GantrySystem

Precise dosing robot

In combination with the StepDot or other marco piezo valves such as the sJet, the marc1 GantrySystem becomes a dispensing robot that follows precise path curves along all axes.

High-precision media dosing

With the marc1 gantry system, the smallest quantities of solder paste, silver epoxy or underfill can be precisely dispensed.

Integrated control unit

The system combines state-of-the-art robot technology with a sophisticated dispensing control system. The Dispensing Control Unit (DCU) simultaneously controls both dispensing and movement, which is unique in the industry.

Individual complete solutions

With the marc1 gantry system, marco offers customized complete solutions for various applications. The system has a large working area with a compact design.

User-friendly operation

A large swivel-mounted HMI touch display and a retractable keypad make the system much easier to operate.

Robust and lightweight construction

The marc1 gantry system is characterized by a solid but lightweight design that enables a tool load capacity of up to 13 kg. It offers precise high-speed dispensing with an acceleration of up to 3g with permanent reproducibility.

Reliable high-speed performance

The marc1 gantry system guarantees precise high-speed dispensing with consistent performance, ideal for demanding industrial applications.

Download PDF of marc1 hereDownload PDF of marc1 in English hereDownload PDF of marc1 in Chinese here

marc2 GantrySystem

Enhanced precision and versatility
The marc2 GantrySystem is a further development of the marc1 GantrySystem: it offers the functions of the marc1 GantrySystem on a larger footprint.

Improved dispensing capabilities
The marc2 GantrySystem has been specially developed to precisely dispense the smallest quantities of materials such as solder paste, silver epoxy or underfill in combination with the StepDot dispensing system.

One control unit
The inline robot combines state-of-the-art robot technology with a sophisticated Dispensing Control Unit (DCU) that synchronizes dispensing and motion control, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Robust and lightweight design

Even with a tool load of 13 kg, the design of the inline robot enables high-speed dispensing with accelerations of up to 3 g and constant repeat accuracy.

User-friendly operation
With the marc2 gantry system, marco offers a complete solution that provides a generous work surface with a compact footprint and lightweight design. The swivel-mounted HMI touch display and foldable keypad significantly increase user-friendliness.

Modular design
Thanks to its modular design, the marc2 gantry system can be easily adapted to the customer's requirements in terms of media, air and cooling water supply.

Simple configuration
The cell and the machine bed are equipped with numerous pre-installed pneumatic and electronic interfaces that allow additional units and tools to be integrated quickly.

Experience the next level of precision and versatility with the marc2 gantry system, designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern production environments.

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With our marc0, marc1 and marc2 gantry systems, we offer you a complete solution of dosing head and inline robot for integration into your production line - all from a single source from marco!

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