Dispensing heads for micro dispensing

Individual, flexible and fast solutions for every type of metering task. In the process, these solutions often push the boundaries in their disciplines - worldwide. Dispensing today means more than just printing dots or lines on a material. Whether precision, shape, speed - the requirements are becoming increasingly special in every respect. marco creates new innovations here together with partners. Today's technology for promising production approaches.

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Dispensing technology, dispensing systems for marco dispensing: StepDot dispensing heads
Dosing technology, dosing systems for marco dispensing: Dosing heads Multijet

MultiJet dosing heads

marco MultiJet dispensing heads combine high-precision dispensing technology with the requirements of mass production. By combining up to eight marco sJet valves, material can be dispensed quickly, over large areas and with micrometre precision. The in-house VisTwo software enables real-time control. By means of the valve fixation on rails and the micrometre adjustment screws, the valve offset can be set individually. In conjunction with real-time control, the MultiJet systems can apply complicated print patterns with frequencies of up to 1,000 hertz. Heating elements in the media supply, stepped in several heating circuits, ensure a constant temperature material flow. Together with the marco products for media supply, this results in reliable and powerful dispensing systems. The specialists at marco make it possible to adapt to individual requirements, regardless of the number of valves, media supply or software solutions.

Advantages: large-area material application, material offset

Dosing technology, dosing systems for marco dispensing: Two-component mixing head

Two-component mixing head

Dispensing systems from marco with a two-component mixing head combine a two-component mixing device with the flexibility of a dispensing head. Where previously two process steps were required to produce a mixed medium and distribute it on the workpiece, this system allows the medium to be mixed directly before dispensing. The attached stepper motors produce a highly precise mixing ratio with a tolerance of less than 0.5 percent by volume. Hardening of the mixed medium in the machine or tubing is prevented. Only the mixing helix in contact with the mixed material needs to be replaced. In addition, marco offers a dynamic mixer with a separate motor. In applications with large differences in the mixing ratio or with high demands on homogeneity, they are clearly superior to static mixers. Specially developed modular mixing spirals produce homogeneously mixed metering results. An automatic changeover mechanism is also possible. In this way, the degree of automation can be further increased.

Advantages: Process optimisation, high flexibility

Dosing technology for marco dispensing: ax4 dosing heads

ax4 dosing head

In production, dosing points often have to be approached with complicated paths or are not easy to reach vertically. marco has developed the ax4 dosing system for such special requirements in terms of dosing angle and direction of rotation. Equipped with a 360-degree rotatable metering valve whose metering angle can be tilted between 0 degrees (vertical) and 45 degrees, ax4 reaches almost any metering point. The rotary movement is generated by a stepper motor and two Hall sensors ensure precise positioning. The media cartridge is attached to the dosing valve. This means that only compressed air and electrics need to be connected via the rotary transfer.

Advantages: individual dosing angles, individual dosing direction

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Dosing systems with valve technologies and state-of-the-art dosing heads are highly complex and can bring enormous productive progress.

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